Casa de Indias is a space designed for gallerists and artists to develop temporary exhibitions and pop-up art projects that educate the public, bring them closer to contemporary art. Casa de Indias strives to develop a grass roots market via education and the creation of a new young art collective. This space will be available free of charge, and the exhibited works may be sold to the public or not, depending on the artist or exhibitor's request.r.

The space consists of an exhibition hall, a library and an Andalusian patio, with about 300 m2 in total and can be used to exhibit photography, painting and sculpture. Any proposal within the visual arts will work perfectly in our space. Additionally Casa de Indias, together with other institutions, will develop activities, forums and workshops focused on contemporary art or other closely related disciplines such as poetry or improvisation. If you are interested in being part of our project, please get in touch with us a info@casadeindias.art info@casadeindias.art